Festival Year Best Documentary Feature

26.2 to Life-POSTER-1
Year 2023

26.2 to Life

by Christine Yoo

Award winner

The Herd-POSTER-01
Year 2023

The Herd

by Woodruff Laputka
80.000 Schnitzel-POSTER-01
Year 2022

80.000 Schnitzel

by Hannah Schweier

Award winner


Year 2022

In The Eye Niger

by Mélanie Gribinski


Me To Play-POSTER-1
Year 2022

Me to Play

by Jim Bernfield


The River-POSTER-1

The River

by Rick Walters
SanDance! A Journey to the Heart of San Culture-POSTER-1

SanDance! A Journey to the Heart of San Culture

by Richard Wicksteed
The Reformist - A Female Imam-POSTER-1

The Reformist - A Female Imam

by Marie Skovgaard

Award winner

Silvia Is My Name-POSTER-1

Silvia is My Name

by Max Benyo
The Price of Progress-POSTER-01

The Price of Progress

by Victor Luengo

Sheep Hero

by Ton van Zantvoort

Award winner

Mother Fortress-POSTER-01

Mother Fortress

by Maria Luisa Forenza
Atto di Fede-POSTER-1

Atto Di Fede

by Vittorio Antonacci
Fatum (Room 216)-POSTER-1

Fatum (Room 216)

by Ramón Gieling