The Last Two Weeks at Longlee

Film Info

Film Year: 2023

Film Duration: 72 min

Country: Australia

Language: English


Susie Forster

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When Victorian artist Lee Stephenson discovers she is dying and requests, in no uncertain terms, to die at home, her daughter, a filmmaker, captures this extraordinarily personal window into the last two weeks of her life. Shot at “Longlee”, her mother’s art-filled home in the stunning Goulburn Valley, we witness the 82 year old artist navigate her impending death, veering between grace, anger, clarity and confusion. We meet Susie, daughter and intrepid filmmaker; Roger, the practical and attentive husband, and Domini, Lee’s insightful singer/songwriter granddaughter. In unusually intimate footage, they disclose their real feelings about seeing Lee dying, paint a picture of how close she came to refusing medical help and how the eventual doctors visit triggered the state-funded palliative care. We see the generosity of spirit of the home care support team and Roger drawing on his farming background to care for his dying wife. Domini shares her shock at seeing Lee ‘this sick’, while still at home in her own bed – one now swapped out for a hospital bed (a “must-have” for anyone dying at home, according to the palliative care team). We meet an almost unrecognisable younger Lee, showing off her garden in footage shot 16 years earlier. With love, humour and sadness, and in the thick of COVID restrictions, they work together to grant Lee her final wish – to die at home.