80.000 Schnitzel

Award Winner

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Film Year: 2020

Film Duration: 103 min

Country: Germany

Language: German


Hannah Schweier

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Berta Zenefels (84) has never seen the sea. She has barely ever left her beloved farm the „Zollhaus“ in Bavaria. Day by day the born landlady was standing in the kitchen, where she fried thousands of Schnitzel’s for her guests. A life shaped by hard word, a life that nobody wants to live anymore. During her lifetime she had to bury her firstborn son, her husband, her grand-son and her youngest son. Every single one of them lived and died for the big dream of the Zollhaus. But without a successor the heavily indebted farm is threatened with bankruptcy. But now the grand daughter Monika (34) appears out of nowhere and decides to save the family-owned farm, regardless of her high-school diploma, yearlong stays abroad and a finished degree. Her sister and this films director Hannah Schweier (39) is not too happy with her sisters idea. Till that moment their lives and dreams were inseparably connected, but since Monika works on the farm, she doesn’t have any spare time left. That is why Hannah decides to find out what actuates her sister and whether she will be able to truly find eventually happiness.