The Reformist – A Female Imam

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Film Year: 2019

Film Duration: 90 min

Country: Denmark


Marie Skovgaard

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Together with a number of like-minded Muslim activists, Sherin Khankan wants to open one of the first mosques in Europe led by female imams. The members of the mosque are united in one vital mission: They are fighting for a re-reading of the Qur’an build on tolerance, gender equality and Islamic feminism – an approach that is at odds with the typical patriarchal interpretation and the widespread Islamophobia. The mosque is fighting for the women’s right to be able to get a divorce and to marry across religions. But the women in the mosque are divided. Should they keep their fights hidden or go public – should they take small steps towards the goal or man the barricades? Sherin’s wish is to speed things up. But when she starts to talk publicly about interreligious marriages between Muslim women and non-Muslim men, a division threatening the future of the mosque takes its it tolls on the organization.