Nominated for:Best Short Film

Film Info

Film Year: 2023

Film Duration: 7 min

Country: France

Language: French


Sarra Ryma

Film Category

Lou is 25 years old. They are queer, poly-loving, excited, curious and full of energy.

Their current job? Sex worker.

Behind this term, there are many realities, those that the concerned live, which are far from the fantasies that the institutions, the state and the media show.

But in reality, what is the daily life of a sex worker? What kind of outfit do they wear to brunch on Sunday morning? Who are their friends and colleagues?

And what about their love stories? What happens when you have regular clients? And when the laws on prostitution become stricter, how do you resist the pressure?

These are some of the questions that “PRO” wants to answer with humour yet without concession.

By following the daily life of Lou, who has to manage the whims of their clients, own thier own desires, take care of their friendships and their many love stories, we discover one of the realities of this profession, which is so little known.

Very quickly, we discover that their work can lead to unexpected unavailability and can easily jeopardize their private life. We also discover a job that requires emotional generosity, psychological understanding of clients and adaptability.

Between sex work and their queer identity, Lou explores their life, their sexuality and works on the reappropriation of their female body, questioning the patriarchal system that surrounds them.

Through this film, we explore Lou’s character, their relationship with their girlfriend Lana, which is in decline. Their friendship with thier sex worker roommate Kenzi, who is going through their transition as a trans woman and is fighting to succeed in the music business, despite Lou’s indifference.

While focusing too much on their desire to take care of their community around the world, Lou finds themselves failing to look after their closest allies, their choosen family.