Film Info

Film Year: 2019

Film Duration: 77 min

Country: Czech Republic

Language: Czech


Martin Müller, David Laňka

Film Category

The film tells the story of a young couple who goes on a trip to bring their relationship the new energy because it seems to have been exhausted and ruined. In addition, the girl has a strong suspicion that her partner is unfaithful to her, but she has no proof. However, partner’s coquettish behavior towards other women confirms this. During the journey when her partner is asleep, she hears a voice in the car, and as it turns out, it is the voice of the men’s lover. She even begins to appear to the girl. Is it just a nightmare, hallucinations, or is her partner hiding a far more mysterious secret than occasional ailments? As the miles go, the atmosphere thickens and when the girl breaks up the mystery, her life is in danger.