Leg Room

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Nominated for:Best Comedy (Short)

Film Info

Film Year: 2023

Film Duration: 3 min

Country: United States

Language: English


Bryn Herdrich

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Rachel is in love. With A Man. Their love is playful and kind. They spend every free moment together. But Rachel is an adult. She knows that a full bed is too small for two grown-ups. But that a queen bed would require buying all new bedding. To be in love, does she have to give up her bed the way she likes it?

As she entertains this thought, we follow her while she imagines what it may be like to share a space with A Man. Would it ultimately mean she gets less of the covers each night? Could she find somewhere else in the apartment for him to live? We see her investigate what it would be like to split their bed in two. Or to make a sleeping arrangement in the kitchen or closet. She tries to make sense of how two adults could each have enough space while conceding half of their living space to someone else. Rachel fears she may never reach a conclusion.

When we leave her, Rachel is stuck in this thought. Born of the pandemic and our newly insular apartment lives, “Leg Room” is about never being so far from people that you are lonely, but never so close that you are suffocated.