Award Winner

Nominated for:Best Director and Best Drama

Film Info

Film Year: 2020

Film Duration: 84 min

Country: Germany


Ulrike Grote

Film Category

In her improvisational drama film CULPA, director Ulrike Grote tells the story of a married couple who deal quite differently with a tragedy. Although the incident occurred eight years beforehand, it is still ever-present for Hanna and Mads and profoundly impacts their daily lives. Having reached a crucial turning point in their relationship, they must decide for or against each other. CULPA was shot on 11 days in France and Marbella, Spain – with no script, no budget and no large film crew. Ulrike Grote, who launched the project, simply provided a basic story line and a general plan for the individual scenes, but everything else was left to the two leads’ talent for improvisation and the cameraman’s very natural documentary style of visual composition. The result is a film so true to life that it hurts.