Beyond the Woods

Nominated for:Best Thriller

Film Info

Film Year: 2019

Film Duration: 101 min

Country: Canada

Language: English


Brayden DeMorest-Purdy

Film Category

Welcome to Riverwood County. The year is 1993. Our protagonist Andrew Bennett is being interrogated by Detective Reeves, who wants to know the answer to only one question: Where is Jack Rogers? The convict wants his side of the story told, so he starts from the beginning… A few weeks before the interrogation, Laura Bennett kills herself. She was Andrew’s wife and Jack Rogers sister. Jack decides to visit Andrew at his farmhouse. Once arrived Andrew is taken by surprise as Jack is earlier than expected. Jack also becomes quickly surprised as he sees the house that he once had warm memories with his family is now packed up and ready to be moved on from. Jack and Andrew drink their grief away. As the night grows colder, Jack starts to suspect something is not right with Andrew. He fears he has discovered some horrifying evidence of what really happened to his sister Laura. Andrew becomes defensive and takes matters into his own hands. He brings Jack out into the woods, and chains him up to a tree. Andrew visits Jack every day to feed him, and during this time Jack realizes what Andrew really is – a murderer and a psychopath. After the absence at his sister’s funeral, Jack Rogers is declared missing. Once the police get involved, Andrew is pushed to make some decisions… During his interrogation, Andrew admits that he killed both – Laura Bennett and Jack Rogers. Detective Reeves is furious. They have wasted all this time just to determine that Jack Rogers is dead. Andrew’s case keeps Detective Reeves awake at night. He manages to gain new evidence and interrogates Andrew one last time. When Andrew finally gives away that Jack is still out there, Detective Reeves starts searching where Andrew told him to – beyond the woods. The question now is: Is Jack Rogers still alive?