A Time For Summer

Award Winner

Nominated for:Best Feature Film

Film Info

Film Year: 2022

Film Duration: 79 min

Country: Poland

Language: Polish


Jacek Raginis

Film Category

Dramedy. Adam meets Celina, who is plunged into a deep crisis. He wants to help her, but she, hurt by many men before, cannot trust him. Meanwhile, Adam is convinced that the woman reminds him of someone. The meeting turns into a confrontation in which resentment and mutual fascination, closeness and violence mix. In place of indifference creeps the shadow of a deeper feeling. “Time to Weather” is a comedy-drama in which reality is combined with dreams, and observation of everyday life is intertwined with sarcasm-filled humor. The emotional rollercoaster heads to a surprising ending. Life, dignity and a sense of agency are at stake. Which will prevail: hope or despair?