A Handful of Water

Film Info

Film Year: 2020

Film Duration: 94 min

Country: Germany

Language: German


Jakob Zapf

Film Category

KONRAD (85) has plenty of reasons for being grumpy. His wife died recently and now his only daughter even talks about adopting her girlfriend’s kids! He doesn’t approve.​ THURBA (12) has a very different set of problems. In order to avoid deportation as a Dublin-Case she must jump from the second floor and run. But now she’s alone, out on the streets, in October… At night, Konrad hears something from the basement, arms himself with a nail gun and fires into the dark. He shoots little Thurba, who cries out in pain. Konrad is completely jumbled, this can’t be happening! Somehow this girl gets to him, touches long lost feelings of his own past and makes him dependent on somebody else’s luck again. Thurba needs to get to England. So she proposes a deal…